United by a love of surfing, yoga, travel, discovery and beach life style, Larsen has made a business out of his passion. “Keep on surfing, exploring, living and learning.”

“I believe we were put on this planet to live, to explore, to experience and to grow. I strive to keep learning from the world around me, through surfing and the people I meet along the way, I am constantly expanding my horizons. I try to live each day as if it was my last… With a smile upon my face.”

Cli Surf Morocco was founded by Larsen in 2009. Starting with an old car, rental boards and some wetsuits, Larsen has turned his love of surfing and beach life style into a viable and enjoyable business. He currently runs the day to day operations for the surf camp, which has him involved in all aspects of marketing, branding, and technology for the company, as well as managing his team of hosts, chefs, surf instructors and surf guides. His aim is doing whatever it takes to ensure that everyone who comes Cli Surf experience the best surf and Yoga holidays, from their day of arrival right through to departure.



Larsen Jahid

larsen surfing morocco

Our mission

We believes in developing relationships with the planet and with the people who inhabit it. We offer authentic and amazing surf and yoga tholidays that are designed to be perspective-changing experiences that encourage freedom, discovery and beach life style.


Founded in 2009 after completing a degree in Tourism and gaining life changing experience working in the industry, Cli Surf Morocco was born out of a love of surfing, discovery and some of the planet’s best kept secrets. We haven’t stopped surfing and exploring since.

Specializing in surf, yoga, discovery and beach life style, our trips push the boundaries of what modern travel companies provide. We have sought out what we believe are the best locations and invite our guests to dive into Morocco’s culture, landscapes and beach life style. Our aim is to provide authentic surfing and yoga holidays and create a unique experience that encapsulates a way of life.

Our team love what they do and always have suggestions on things to do and exciting new discoveries. Our specially designed surfing and yoga trips see our guests returning to Cli Surf  Morocco, over and over. Over the years we’ve gone through the ups and downs of surfing, yoga and the beach life style, this knowledge has allowed us to cultivate and curate some of the best travel experiences you can be a part of. Welcome to the best time of your life… Live the adventure